Using Everyday Objects to Make Amazing Photos

There are so many little things that you can use that will really spice up your photos without using photoshop or any really technical equipment. Using everyday objects to make amazing photos is a fun way to boost your creativity. Keep reading to find out more.

Raid the local hardware store or craft store or even the dollar store to get some unconventional items that will make your photos go from good to great!

Christmas Lights

First, try some Christmas lights! Christmas lights are only a few dollars at your local Walmart. Turn down the light to create mood lighting. For best results, use a 50mm 1.4 or similar lens. This will allow you to shoot wide open (aperture 1.4) at the minimum ISO possible. This is important because shooting at a high ISO can cause digital noise.  Oh yeah, shooting AUTO WILL NOT cut it for this shot. You have to learn how to at least shoot “A” for aperture mode or “M” for full manual.


The next idea is using a little pocket mirror from your local Dollar Tree store. Try moving it back and forth with the other hand while you shoot. Yes that means multitasking, but you can do it!


Crystal Ball

Next, be sure to try out a crystal ball. You see these on Facebook ads constantly. I did finally hunker down to buy one, but don’t worry, this one was only 14.00 on Amazon. Here is the affiliate link.

My 105 mm macro lens is my favorite lens to use with this item. This lens allows me to focus on the tiny little object inside without showing my hand on the outside so much.

Copper Pipe

Next, one of my favorite objects to shoot with is a copper pipe. I got mine for about 8.00 on amazon, but you can also get one at your local hardware store. The best way to protect your lens from any scratches or dings from using any of these tools, but especially the copper pipe, is to buy a $10 UV protective filter. As a side note, my husband has dropped my camera TWICE with my $1400 lens on, and this little filter has saved my @$$!

The most effective size that I have found is a diameter larger than 1 inch. This size keeps your fingers out of the way. Check it out here using this affilliate link.


Next, let’s go back to the sixth grade and pull out our trusty prisms. It’s a super easy way to throw light in all different directions for under $20. Get one here online using this affiliate link.

Small LED lights

Finally, the next idea is using small LED lights. These little guys were super fun to shoot with. I like to wrap my actual lens with them to create some interesting bokeh and light leak patterns. For only $5, this is totally worth getting online! Click here to see one like the one I used.


You can combine tools together to give your images an extra edge! In this photo, we combined Christmas lights with LED lights.

I have also been known to use these tools from my “bag of tricks” on actual wedding shoots and sessions. My favorite tool is, of course, the copper pipe for weddings, since it’s looks so magical.


The LED lights are a great last-minute tool to whip out as well, especially when you are running out of poses and looks (especially when you are shooting at dusk). For this engagement session, I was able to wrap some around my lens, just to give the photo an extra special addition.



Try experimenting with other non-traditional things like a plastic bag with Vaseline, shooting through a fish next stocking, sharpie covered plastic wrap and more. You never know what amazing things you will find!

dfdWe are a husband and wife photography/videography team from Chesapeake, VA. We started in 2011 with one camera from Amazon for $400 with no knowledge and skills and now we have been published over 20 times and voted one of the top Wedding Photographers in Virginia Beach in 2016. We shoot over 60 events a year, averaging over 40,000 images taken between family portraits, weddings, seniors or other events. See our website here.

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