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Photos by Kelly

This Classy Styled Session is like no other.

When shooting a styled session, shoot what you love or maybe an idea you have had for a while. Ask to borrow or rent props and have fun with it! You are in charge of your styled session, so make sure you get what you want!

I met Miss Summer, the model in this session this summer and was DYING to photograph her. When I say she is just as pretty on the inside as the outside, you can believe it. With a soft voice and gentle little face, she was such a joy to photograph and, not to mention, she is gorgeous!

When talking with her mom about outfits, I wanted to do something trendy yet classy at the same time, all in one session. Her mom sent me several pictures of outfits that she had for Summer and my eye immediately went to the green feathered dress.




I could just picture her standing there holding a bird to match that beautiful neck piece that came with the dress.

Luckily, it pays to know people from a small town. My sister works at a vet’s office and one of the ladies that worked with her had a bird. Her name is Jo-Jo and she was such a beauty! Those pictures are some of my favorites to this day.




After we finished shooting with Jo-Jo, we went to my husband’s bosses house. This is where the car came from.

Literally, right down the road. a 1920’s vintage car was PERFECT for Summer’s next outfit.

I threw her hair up, added lipstick and wrapped some jewels around her head and neck and, BAM!, a new look in a jiffy.

I had asked to borrow an old phone and sat her on the steps of the house and then placed her on, in, and around the car for some awesome shots. People are always so generous and allow me to use their things for sessions and I am truly grateful.

I figure it never hurts to ask to borrow things.







Equipment used: Canon EOS 5D Mark III, 70-200mm 2.8, 85mm 1.8 (affiliate links)

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