Three Tips For Photographing Children

In this article, I will give you three tips for photographing children.

In today’s world, photography has become more accessible to everyone. Many people have taken up the hobby of photography, due to easy access of cameras and apps on smart phones and the affordability of SLR’s and lenses. Being a children’s photographer takes something more than just the desire to take pictures; it takes patience, passion, and being able to accept failure and learn from it. This genre requires true love, motivation, excellent communication skills, patience, and endless creativity. It also takes a special set of skills and advanced post-production education to create fine art child photography.


Just like in real estate, photography is all about location. Your photos will directly benefit from great scenery; it is the foundation of all photographs. Finding great locations might take more time than the actual session and the post-processing. Take the time to get to know and learn the areas around you that have the potential for a great photo shoot. Go to these locations prior to your shoot, take some shots, analyze what you have captured and determine if it’s what you need for your theme and subject matter. Envision possible background compositions in relation to sun positioning and available light. Take advantage of modern smart phones; there are a variety of apps that help you determine the position of the sun on a cloudy day, for example. When scouting for locations, be sure to take notes about the available light and position of the sun.




Let the children lead you in your shoot! We all, as photographers, have plans and projects in mind. Children don’t, though! It is in a child’s nature to be spontaneous, so embrace that, step back and let things happen. Posing a young child and asking them to smile at the camera rarely works. Give them the opportunity and space to be themselves and explore. This will bring magic to the whole process and also to your images. Surprise them with a new prop or activity. Tell them a funny story. Engage them in their activities. (Or have an assistant entertain them as you shoot.) The end result will be plenty of genuine smiles and emotions that will create priceless moments that can’t be staged or pre-planned.




When photographing a small child, get down to his or her level. Don’t intimidate children with your height; instead, work at their level, not yours. Doing so may require you to get dirty or soaking wet, so plan ahead and dress appropriately. Use a long lens so you can put some distance between the camera and the child. Give them space to roam free and be a child!!



Lilia Alvarado was born and raised in Russia. Nowadays, she lives in Northern Virginia, USA. She started doing photography after her twin girls were born in December 2011. You can visit here website by clicking here.

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