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How To Size Images for Portrait Story or Article


Choose Images

Choose 5-10 images. For a portrait story, images need to be from a single session. At least one image must be landscape (horizontal). Choose a horizontal image for your featured image.

For an article, only one image is required and it must be horizontal; images can be from multiple sessions.

Crop Each File

Instructions are the same for a portrait story or an article.
Open the image file in Photoshop and edit the image, if necessary. Crop the image if you want to change the cropping but do not resize the image quite yet. We prefer no studio logos/watermarks, but you can add a very small logo in the bottom left corner of the image if you want to. Please do not put the logo across the center of the image and, instead, put it in the lower left corner. Really.

Image Resize

Select Image->Image Size in Photoshop. In the resulting pop-up, change the Resolution to 72 Pixels/Inch first. Then, change the Width to 2000 pixels if you are working on your featured image. Choose 1000 pixels if not the featured image. Do not change the height. For Resample, choose Bicubic Sharper (Reduction) if you are making the image smaller. Press OK.

Screenshot 2015-08-01 14.18.38

Save for Web

Next, if using Photoshop CC, choose File->Export->Save for Web (Legacy). (If using previous versions of photoshop, select File->Save for Web.)

In the resulting pop-up, make sure you are saving as JPEG.

Also, check the box to convert to sRGB.

Then, change the Quality slider to the smallest number that still allows your image to not start losing quality. You can compare what you are doing by pressing on the 2-Up tab at the top of the Save for Web panel. Look at edges and details and use the minimal Quality number required that keeps the edges looking smooth and the details looking sharp. Try to keep each file under 250K. (The file size will show under the image that doesn’t say “Original”. See screenshot below.)


Screenshot 2015-08-01 14.19.52


 Save File

Choose Save at the bottom and choose the directory to save to. Then upload on the submit page. That’s it!