South Africa Garden Photo Shoot

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Once a year I visit my family down in George, Western Cape. As usual, I never go anywhere without my camera equipment. My sister’s daughter, Lumè, was my model for a whole day. I managed the makeup, styling and photography. Even though I prefer a more natural look with teenage girls, we did try a few photos with some makeup. This South Africa garden photo shoot was really special.

We shot the photos in my sister’s garden in George, Western Cape, South Africa. One corner in the garden looks like something from a fairy tale. It was the perfect setting for some of the portraits. The previous evening, I did Lumè’s hair with tons of tiny braids to get the effect I wanted for the shoot. She is still very young, so I tried to keep the makeup as natural as possible. As you can see, she has beautiful, youthful skin. I used a reflector with some of the photos. All the photos were shot with natural light.

For the main photo, I started early in the morning by building a backdrop (used my sister’s room divider). I added  greenery from the garden. It took me about 3 hours to put it all together, but once it was done it made the most beautiful backdrop.

This South Africa garden photo shoot was such a success due to all 3 my sisters coordinating and helping with jewelry, fixing hair and makeup, and just supporting with everything.

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Darrell Fraser is an international award-winning wedding and portrait photographer based in South Africa. You can see her website by clicking here.

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