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Shannon Hollman

Baylee Eisenman, the model in these portraits,  is a past high school senior client of mine. I have photographed Baylee numerous times. She is dear to my heart….um, and STUNNING!!


She truly is a photographer’s dream.

Baylee and I picked out the dress together ahead of time. We went online to a website called Dream Shoot Rentals. They have the most amazing stuff…it was so hard to choose!

We knew we wanted something unique and dramatic, but we also had to find something that would pop in the snow since this was a winter session. This red dress definitely fit the bill! The head wreath was also from Dream Shoot Rentals. I wanted something that had a wintery feel to it to help tie it all together. I was so pleased with how the dress/wreath turned out.


The location of this shoot was Glacier National Park, which is a gorgeous wooded winter wonderland.

I knew that winter was my inspiration, but Baylee and I just let the session unfold as we drove around looking at spots where we could shoot. We didn’t have a game plan up front, but just wanted some gorgeous, unique winter photos.

Photography-wise, my goal was to find beautiful light, beautiful snow, and make Baylee shine. It was the perfect overcast day and the snow acted as a natural reflector so we were very lucky that the shooting conditions were in our favor.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the incredible work of Kristen O’Leary, the makeup artist, and Morgan Wood, the hairstylist. Wow! So beautiful!
Everything came together perfectly!

Shannon-Hollman-Photography-11 Shannon-Hollman-Photography-10 Shannon-Hollman-Photography-9 Shannon-Hollman-Photography-8 Shannon-Hollman-Photography-7 Shannon-Hollman-Photography-6 Shannon-Hollman-Photography-5 Shannon-Hollman-Photography-4 Shannon-Hollman-Photography-3

I use a canon 5d and a canon 5d III and a 85mm 1.2  and 70-200mm 2.8 lenses. (affiliate links)


About Shannon: I am a high school senior photographer living in the most amazing place on earth….Kalipsell, Montana. I love every second of what I do. I have a strong passion for making my clients not only look beautiful, but showing each of them how beautiful they truly are. You can see her work here.

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March 15, 2016 at 11:59 am, Linda said:

What a gorgeous styled shoot. I love the pop of red against the green. And that floral crown is beautiful.