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5 Puppy Photography Tips To Prep A Puppy For Her First Photo Shoot

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Throughout your pup’s life, you would want to create warm memories that you can keep forever. But behind every amazing dog photo are countless efforts to come up with a work of art. And what better way is there to create that wonderful remembrance than with a dog photo shoot?

To take a good photo, you would have to get your pup to sit still during the entire photo op. Unfortunately, young canines are so energetic that it’s always a challenge keeping them steady. But then again, if others can do it, why can’t you?

Getting your dog to behave and sit nicely for a photo shoot isn’t rocket science. Here are five tips from a local pet supply shop on how you can prepare your beloved pooch for her first photo shoot.

Tip #1 – Teach your pup how to sit and stay.

The secret to every great dog pic is getting a good handle on your dog’s behavior. So the first thing that you should work on is to teach your dog how to stay. Schooling your dog on how to sit and stay should be something you practice regularly.

To start, follow these steps:

●       Keep treats at hand.

●       Develop the habit that every time your pooch is around, you should ask her to sit and then stay.

●       When she follows your command, say “free” to show that you are releasing her from the action.

●       After she has followed all your commands, give her a treat.

In the long run, you can lengthen the extent of the sit and stay period. You can add distractions and merge commands which may come in handy during photo shoots.

Tip #2 – Catch your dog’s attention.

Dogs dislike staring contests and usually avert their gazes. This becomes a problem especially since a camera’s lens looks like a huge eye.

To make your pup look at that huge, scary eye (camera lens) will depend on how you let your dog get comfortable around it. Practice catching your dog’s attention by means of a command. You can start by using the words like “pay attention” then as she improves, gradually give her rewards.

Don’t get easily frustrated if, in the beginning, you only get a small head turn. That’s actually a good start! Build on that and teach her to overcome her habit of looking away.

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Tip #3 – Be patient.

Dogs are like little children, and they need extreme patience for them to understand you. Trying to get that perfect shot of your pup can be frustrating, so be prepared.

When you feel that angst is building up inside you, take a deep breath. Remember that your agitation will only frighten your pup and destroy all chances of her doing a good pose.

Dogs sense any extreme emotions that you’re feeling so try your best to stay calm. Besides, that cute pooch of yours smiling with those adorable dog clothes and accessories is trying her best to go along with the shoot. That should be enough reason to melt your heart.

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Tip #4 – Regularly practice.

The more you practice with your pup, the more you’ll get good results. Start by following some photo shoot ideas for dogs. Do it in places she’s familiar and comfortable with, then work your way from there.

As long as you regularly practice, that perfect photo will not be out of reach. Make the photo shoot a routine that your pup will recognize. Soon, she’ll be comfortable enough with the camera and stay still in every photo shoot.

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Tip #5 – Be spontaneous.

At times, the really great shots are those that aren’t staged. When you’re out playing and having fun with your pup, take your camera and capture some natural moments.

Welcome the imperfection of each situation, and be thankful for the fact that you have opportunities to do something together with your dog. With patience and regular practice, your pup will be all set to pose for amazing photos.

Here are other things to consider before the photo shoot:
●       Ensure that your dog is good around people.

●       Make sure your pooch gets enough sleep before the photo shoot day.

●       Groom and bathe your dog for her to appear professional in her first photo shoot.

●       Prepare the best treats for the photo shoots.

●       Feed your dog a little less breakfast so that she’ll want more of the treats you have during the photo shoot.

●       Bring a kennel or stroller with you during the photo op so that your pup has a place to stay in.

Your pup’s first photo shoot can be very tiring so make sure she gets the right dog supplement. Dogs will always be dogs and you should not ask of her more than what she’s capable of giving.

Just like humans, dogs have their limits. So as your furry pal’s best friend, you should know when to push and when you should just let her be. After all, tomorrow’s another day.

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