Easy IPS Video Course

This short and meaty video series discusses all the steps to conducting a successful IPS session.

My goal with this product was to make IPS accessible to you. It doesn’t need to be complicated! But there are definite steps to go through. And I want you to know my method and little secrets that come from my years of doing IPS.

This video series is about about 37 minutes long, in manageable chunks, describing in detail each step of the process. I did this so it would not be overwhelming.

Join me for a 5 video series on how to run your business using In-Person Sales. I’ve called it Easy IPS because once you know how, you’ll decide that it isn’t nearly as difficult as you thought it would be. Plus, you’ll be earning more income per session and you’ll be dealing with clients who value what you do.

In this series, you’ll learn things like:

  • How to do IPS even if you don’t have a studio.
  • Why not having a studio might even be an advantage.
  • What to do if your client cannot make a decision at the ordering session.
  • The 3 times you get to meet with each client as part of the Easy IPS process.
  • Why editing your images prior to an IPS session might be a complete waste of time.
  • Whether or not you should do sneak peeks on social media.
  • General pricing philosophy.

You’ll also get some bonuses as part of the Simple IPS program:

  • The exact consultation checklist I use with each client.
  • A worksheet containing important questions you should answer before you start doing IPS sessions.
  • A bonus video about gift prints and also why I hate 11×14 prints.
  • The exact email to send to your client prior to the IPS session.
  • Best of all, this video series is short and meaty, containing all the elements I use to conduct a successful IPS session.

Are you ready to start earning more money with your photography? You will most likely earn enough from your very first IPS session to cover the cost of this course.