Maternity Portraits Gift

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Jennifer Parisi

My First Maternity Session

This maternity portraits gift started with an idea. First, I decided to offer a friend of mine a maternity session as part of her shower gift. I didn’t have a particular plan in mind but focused mostly on taking beautiful portraits. In retrospect, I don’t think I knew what to expect but I went for it and starting shooting. We started in an open field and I gave very minimal direction, asking them to hug or kiss, sit or stand. My focus was to make them feel as relaxed as possible and mostly do what felt natural to them.

Letting The Session Unfold

After a little time had passed, something really wonderful started to happen. As I watched them through the lens, I saw them relax and start to be themselves.  I started to step even more outside of what felt normal to me and stretch my creativity. The resulting photos had this beautiful calm to them. I have always been a hopeless romantic, so capturing this level of unconditional love was inspiring.

I found I I learned a lot about myself during this shoot. Photography was becoming something I wanted to pursue.  I have since had the support of close friends, and friends of friends, allowing me opportunities to get better with each session. Moving forward, I have trusted what I learned during my first experience. Being behind the camera and having the ability to capture these moments is what has motivated me to see this newfound passion through. This is a new chapter for me, helping people capture their most special moments in life and love. And to think, it all started as a maternity gift!


JenniferParisi-Bio-Image6Jennifer resides in Toms River, NJ. She is in the first year of her photography business and focuses on keeping her sessions relaxed and as natural as possible. She loves spending time with her husband, mom, sisters and cat Sofi. Click here to see her website.