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From the initial inquiry and questionnaire, I could tell that we were kindred spirits and that the mom and I shared similar likes and appreciation, which meant that our session together would reflect that unity of vision and be all the better for it. The thing was, they wanted an in-home newborn session.

Since opening my studio two years prior, I hadn’t shot an in-home session since. I had turned down several requests over the years, or changed over to a studio or outdoor session instead. My studio was my haven. It was filled with beautiful, reliable light, all my props and tools right on hand, and I knew every angle by heart. In-home sessions were unpredictable, and therefore a closed door that I did not want to open.

Yet something about this request drew me in. She had a clear vision in her mind and I found myself being swept away by her passion and in turn being inspired. Tentatively, I said yes, and prayed that I wouldn’t regret the decision.

I could end here and the session would practically speak for itself, but I do want to say that this was one of my favorite sessions of the year, specifically because it was outside of my comfort zone. Pockets of light gave birth to new angles and poses while the barest of props allowed the focus to remain on this sweet little girl.

The crowing jewel of mom’s vision was their bountiful garden. She wanted in incorporated into their session somehow and as we swaddled the baby against the the coolness of the overcast day, I saw each shot unfolding before me; a new baby nestled among the sprouting plants and a family surrounded by the garden they love. Each scene would have been impossible to conduct in my studio and only happened because I was willing to step out of the familiar and make someone else’s vision my own.








Oh, and we’re going to their farm for the one year session.

Equipment used (affiliate links): Canon 6D and Canon 50mm 1.4

MeganMarlene-Bio-ImageMegan Peter was first introduced to the camera at sixteen years old by her then-friend-now-husband, Micah. Over a decade later, they have a cozy home in the picture-perfect town of Palmer, Alaska, two kids, a dog, their dream careers, and say that all they’re missing is the picket fence. Drawn to soft, creamy goodness and natural light, Megan has spent the past seven years welcoming babies and families from across the state. Her greatest joy is helping families remember that each child is an absolute miracle. And a miracle only happens once. See her website here.



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