Family Lifestyle Session – Corn Maze And Strawberry Patch

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What could be better than spending a cool fall day in a corn maze, picking strawberries and playing at the playground?

This family lifestyle session was extra fun for me because it was totally relaxed – lifestyle in the truest sense of the word. I just followed them around and took photos of them together, and it was so much fun!

The day was cloudy (which worked out better than a really bright day since the sun was high and we were out in the open) but it wasn’t too cold. We had decided to do the session at The Strawberry Ranch & The Corn Maze, which is a super neat farm located just outside of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. In the summer and fall they have a strawberry u-pick and a big corn maze that is in a different design each year.

We ventured into the maze first, and soon found that it was a bit muddy and slippery. So we took our time, and soon got lost (which is all part of the fun, right?) Carson led the way, and Brooke only got a little muddy when she went exploring on her own.

 Soon we realized that we were not going in the right direction, and ended up taking an emergency exit out. That was perfectly fine because we were anxious to go pick some strawberries!





The strawberry u-pick is so great. I have been to lots before, but this one was so well-organized and the berries were big, juicy, and delicious. I loved watching three-year-old Brooke pick berries. When she realized she could actually eat them, she wouldn’t stop (shhh!) She probably ate more than she put in her basket, but it was so cute.





My favourite part about this session was that I was like a fly on the wall. Mike, Carson and Brooke just did their thing and I got to take pictures. They will always have these photos to remember this fun afternoon. And I love that it didn’t feel like a typical photo session, with posing and forced smiles. It was totally REAL.

After the strawberry ranch, we decided to stop for a bit at a playground. It was definitely a challenge chasing Brooke around, but I loved how she was so serious about her playground time. And of course, Dad got into it, too.



I love genuine moments and there were so many that afternoon. This just shows that there’s no need for fancy props and backgrounds, and beautiful photos can come from a simple afternoon doing something fun together as a family. And I believe those are the best kind of photos.

Equipment Used (affiliate links): Canon 6D, Sigma 35mm Art, Canon 24-105

JenniferBlake-Bio-ImageJennifer is a family lifestyle and wedding photographer in Rosetown, Saskatchewan, Canada. She has two daughters, Sofia is 5 and Grace is 2. Her love of documenting the everyday has grown through photographing her daughters having tickle fights with their dad, and crafting at the kitchen table. She is a self-proclaimed Instagram addict and iPhoneographer, though there is something special about catching those little moments with the “big” camera.

Jennifer has always loved photography, from her high school days shooting with a 35mm film point-and-shoot to working as editor of a small town weekly newspaper in northern Saskatchewan. Photography has always been a part of her life, and her business allows her to push herself in new and exciting ways, showing her clients that a photo session can be more than just beautiful portraits. It can be wonderful memories to hang on their walls. See her website here.

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