Fall Family Portrait Session

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This family recently moved to Canada from Hong Kong, so they were really looking forward to their first autumn in Canada. They’ve never experienced leaves changing colors and falling off the trees, so this was a real treat for them. For this family portrait session, they wanted something that would look completely different than what they would get from Hong Kong, so we went to a large local park in Gatineau, QC Canada for their fall family portrait session.

It was a gorgeous fall day with the sun shining, warm fall temperatures and many of the trees had almost reached their color peak before the leaves were about to fall off. It made for the perfect backdrop for fall family photos. The reflection of the trees on the lake made it look like a painting.





A few years ago I started e-mailing my clients pointers of what to wear for their photo session. This has really helped my clients wear the sorts of clothes that will look much nicer in portraits and it saves me from cringing looking at their outfit or shoe choices later. Having my clients wear a certain type of clothing (and avoiding certain types of clothing) helps me to attract more of my ideal client, which are people who genuinely value professional portrait photography.

Since temperatures were slightly cool at the end of the day (when their photo session too place), I advised my clients to wear layers. Their more subdued colors complemented the bright oranges, yellows, greens and reds of the leaves. The kids were a little shy at first, but soon warmed up as the session went along. By the end they were making silly faces and throwing leaves everywhere. I was so happy with how the photos turned out. I couldn’t have asked for a prettier day or location or nicer people.






Equipment used: Nikon D700, Nikon 85mm, Nikon 50mm

Linda Borrego is a portrait photographer in Ottawa, Canada.  She has loved photography since she started shooting fashion shots of her Barbie dolls when she was a kid.  (She’s still a Barbie fan.)  As she grew older she moved on from taking photos of her Barbies to graduating from college in photography.  Her photography has been featured in 30+ photography blogs around the world. Please click here to see her website.

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