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Find out what an environmental newborn session entails by reading this and seeing the images below.

When I first started photographing newborns I had this idea in my head of how the images should look. I was used to seeing these perfect babies, who were always asleep, on a flawless blanket – easy enough, right? After my first few sessions, I quickly realized that this style of newborn photography just wasn’t for me.

Over the years, (and with a lot of trial and error) I’ve developed my environmental approach to photographing newborns. This means I always travel to my clients, and photograph their new baby in the home. This can present some unique challenges, like available light, moving furniture, and finding clean backgrounds/ surfaces. But the resulting images are completely unique to the parents and the newborn.

I bring very minimal props (a few neutral colored blankets, and a basket), and try to utilize whatever I can find within my clients homes. To me this is a fun puzzle to solve, and since there is usually a lot of downtime between feedings and diaper changes, I can really get creative.

When I first arrive for a newborn session, I walk around the home looking for beautiful diffused window light and nice walls/ flooring as a background.

For this session, my clients had a beautiful historic home with lots to work with. I loved the blue and white rug under their kitchen table, and was able to move it out of the way with the help of the father. The rug was also positioned next to a large window, so moving the table gave me room to really work with the best lighting available.





We incorporated the father’s firefighter gear in a few photos, but mainly concentrated on clean, simple photos of their new family and adorable nursery.







When it comes to your next session, I highly recommend playing with your environment as much as possible and seeing what you can create. Happy shooting!

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