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Today’s post is about Necessary Photography’s dance photography in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!

Nearly two years ago, my (then) nine year old son decided he wanted to start taking some hip hop dance lessons. Anyone who’s ever found themselves in the role of “Dance Mom” knows that when you are the mama of a dancer, you pretty much live at the studio.

As I sat back and watched the dancers, I found myself just enthralled by their movement and grace and inspired to pick up my camera.

I reached out to a ballet dancer I knew and we set up a time to shoot. While I captured a few photographs I loved that day, I realized quickly that I had a ton to learn. Photographing dancers was NOTHING like the portrait photography I had been doing for years and I had a huge learning curve ahead of me.

I have worked hard over the past two years to hone my dance photography skills and learn how to best capture dancers in a way that showcases their talent.

Earlier this month, I was blessed enough to get that original pointe dancer back in front of my camera. It was a wonderful experience to be able to apply all I’ve learned and to really be able to compare apples to apples and see my growth. Plus, she’s insanely talented – and it’s always inspiring to be in her presence when she’s dancing.

Madison dances at Coastal Dance Center in Market Common, so it was only fitting that we began our shoot in Market Common. One of my favorite spots at Market Common is the columns at Valor Park. The columns create great depth, and the light hits them perfectly in the evening.

After Market Common, we headed over to Myrtle Beach State Park to grab some dance shots on the sand. Since our previous session two years ago had also taken place at the beach, it was really like coming home. I wanted to try some pointe shots on the beach as well, but sand is not exactly the most stable surface to dance en pointe. I devised a plan……and picked up a piece of wood from the hardware store.

We buried the wood just under the surface of the sand and for less than $5, we were able to rig it where Madison could dance en pointe on the sand! Hooray!



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