Couture Prom Session by Suzanne Neace

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Suzanne Neace

Many photographers across the country, who specialize in high school seniors, incorporate senior model or senior representative programs into their businesses.


A senior rep is essentially a current junior or upcoming senior that represents your studio to his or her friends to generate interest (and hopefully clients!) for you. Successful senior reps are typically rewarded for referrals with incentives like print credits, cash or gift cards.

There are a thousand different ways to run a rep program, however one of the most important aspects of my Senior Model Rep program is keeping my models engaged.

It’s not enough to just find advocates for your studio, take a few model shots or their senior portraits, and then let them go.

Incorporating my models into extra sessions throughout the year is one of the things that sets me apart from other high school senior portraits photographers in my area. It also keeps my creative juices flowing and gives me the chance to experiment with some out-of-the-box ideas and artistic concepts that might not fall within a more traditional senior portrait session.

For this particular shoot, I put out a model call to all of my girl senior models (yes, I have guy senior models too!) asking them to participate in a couture prom themed model session. I was inspired by recent prom posts and images on Instagram and really, what girl wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to wear their prom dress again? Using two of my beautiful models, collaborating with my makeup artist of three years, and utilizing the backdrop of a stunning local historic mansion (The George Eastman House) helped bring my artistic vision to reality.

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As I said previously these “extra” sessions allow me, and my makeup artist, to pursue something beyond what I would normally do during a senior portrait session.

These shoots are about embracing new concepts – sometimes things work and sometimes they don’t, and that’s okay. It’s all a learning experience that increases my value, improves my skills, and enables me to grow as an artist.

Equipment: Nikon D610, 35 mm and 85mm Nikor lenses (affiliate links)

Suzanne Neace is a professional photographer located in Rochester NY specializing in natural and authentic high school senior portraits. In addition to pursuing her love of photography, she also manages a chaotic household of seven, dreams of competing in another triathlon someday, and occasionally belts out Broadway show tunes in the car where no one else can hear her. Click here to see her website.