• South Africa Garden Photo Shoot

    Beautiful Lumè Hamilton’s portrait photography session with Darrell Fraser

  • Urban Senior Portrait Session

    A fun urban senior portrait session in the heart of Charlotte, NC’s arts district.

  • Sweet 16 Session

    Sweet 16 story that captures a bright young lady who loves dance, fashion and life.

  • Empowering Clients

    When a client stands in front of our lens, it is an opportunity for us to build their confidence so that they can in turn influence others in a positive way. The countless hours we spend studying and practicing how to make people look their best in a photograph gives us the power to show others the best version of themselves. It gives us the ability to empower them, and to show them that they are enough.

  • Slow Down And Watch!

    It’s time to hit the RESET button and SLOOOOW DOWN during out photo sessions. Are you focusing too much on your camera settings, outfits, posing and location? If you client is at ease, the rest will fall in place. SIMPLICITY is a beautiful thing……’s time to embrace it!

  • Greenhouse Session

    I had a chance to shoot at this beautiful green house in Vineland, Ontario. My client trusted me with her session and agreed to talk about her styling. Everything about the session was well planned. Click now to see it!

  • 16: Styled Shoots With Ling Wang

    Check out this interview with Ling Wang, a senior portrait photographer in Houston, TX. She told me about how she plans her styled shoots and it was fascinating. Definitely information you can use today. Don’t miss!

  • 15: Photographing Musicians With Leslie Crane

    This is an interview with Leslie Crane, who specializes in photographing musicians. We talked about how to work with a musical instrument, posing-wise. We also talked about work/life balance and lots more. Don’t miss!