• 27: Steve Stockman Shooting Video

    Interview with Steve Stockman, author of the book, “How To Shoot Video That Doesn’t Suck”. Find out tips on making the transition to video. Click now!

  • Slow Down And Watch!

    It’s time to hit the RESET button and SLOOOOW DOWN during out photo sessions. Are you focusing too much on your camera settings, outfits, posing and location? If you client is at ease, the rest will fall in place. SIMPLICITY is a beautiful thing……’s time to embrace it!

  • Ready Or Not? Becoming A Professional Photographer

    Are you thinking about becoming a professional photographer? How do you know if your portrait work is good enough? That’s a big question, isn’t it? I mean, how do you KNOW your work is good enough to start charging for it? One way is to just start up your photography business and see if your […]

  • Milk Bath Maternity Shoot Tips

    Behind the scenes tips for a milk bath maternity shoot.

  • Thinking About Starting A Photography Business?

    New or new-ish to photography? Thinking about starting a business? Click now to read about a huge help that I’ve written just for you!

  • Image Critique

    Interested in having an image critique of your images? Find out what it’s like here. Click now.

  • 15: Photographing Musicians With Leslie Crane

    This is an interview with Leslie Crane, who specializes in photographing musicians. We talked about how to work with a musical instrument, posing-wise. We also talked about work/life balance and lots more. Don’t miss!

  • Style

    You may think you want everyone to love your photography. But, you don’t! Click here to find out why.