• A Dreamy Newborn Girl Studio Session

    All of the elements used in this session was coordinated based on the baby’s beautiful nursery which was decorated in tones of cream, blush pink and gold.

  • Fresh 48 Session

    There is just something so magical about the first 48 hours of a baby’s life. The hospital bracelet, the receiving blanket, the little pink and blue beanie are all things your new baby probably won’t wear again once discharged from the hospital. Not to mention, you’re probably not going to bring your baby home to put them in a clear, plastic bassinet. Those are all part of the raw experience of having just given birth in the hospital. And those are all things that every new mother wants to stamp into her memory when they book a Fresh 48 session.

  • Newborn Session Color Palette

    Norah’s Spring inspired newborn session was full of fun, whimsy, texture and colour with a blue, purple, pink and yellow colour palette.

  • In-Home Newborn Session

    She wanted an in-home newborn session but I shot only studio. Tentatively, I said yes, and prayed that I wouldn’t regret the decision.

  • Natural Light Newborn Session by Annie Bleuer

    Annie traveled almost fours hours to photograph her new nephew and his family. Baby and big sister were very cooperative, even posing in the two vintage stadium seats in baby’s nursery. This natural light newborn session was photographed almost entirely in front of a large window in the home and with a beanbag.

  • In-Home Newborn Session With Fill Flash

    This is a newborn session by photographer Missy Timko at Powder Blue Photography in Pittsburgh that demonstrates the use of off-camera fill flash for an in-home lifestyle session.

  • 3 Reasons I Color-Coordinate My Newborn Portrait Sessions

    Rebecca explains why she started color-coordinating her newborn sessions and gives some tips on how to start building your newborn prop collection.

  • Beautiful Baby Boy

    My session with this gorgeous baby boy was incredibly easy compared to most…