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Winter Break

During winter break, my 5-year-old turned into a boy mechanic. This seemed like a perfect time for a him to play on a gem of a vintage truck. The truck is a 1971 Chevy truck. It had been completely gutted and was in the process of being restored to its full glory.

Although Christmas break is full of fun, sometimes there is work to do, even in the rainbow state of Hawaii. This job was about hard work, sweat, and raindrops.


Truck Restoration

For some time now, I have been documenting this truck restoration process. This session, more than most of the sessions, put a smile on my face. Understandably, it was special because my child was in it. Also, though, it was special for me. I got to watch this rusty beat-up truck roar back to life. I got to watch my boy enjoy not only playing with bolts, but actually learning how to work with a wrench.

Truck-Deconstruction-Ketino-Photography-Oahu-Children-and-Family-Photographer-4 Truck-Deconstruction-Ketino-Photography-Oahu-Children-and-Family-Photographer-3 Truck-Deconstruction-Ketino-Photography-Oahu-Children-and-Family-Photographer-6 Truck-Deconstruction-Ketino-Photography-Oahu-Children-and-Family-Photographer-0

Root Beer and Laughs

This hot Hawaiian Saturday started with work and grind. But, it ended with a chilly local Hawaiian root beer, laughs, and catching of raindrops. I am truly thankful for moments like these. As a photographer, I get to capture these experiences and keep memories forever to revisit later on. I look forward to showing the images to my boy when grows up. It was a wonderful way to preserve a special memory for our family.

Truck-Deconstruction-Ketino-Photography-Oahu-Children-and-Family-Photographer-9 Truck-Deconstruction-Ketino-Photography-Oahu-Children-and-Family-Photographer-8 Truck-Deconstruction-Ketino-Photography-Oahu-Children-and-Family-Photographer-7 Truck-Deconstruction-Ketino-Photography-Oahu-Children-and-Family-Photographer-5

Ketino loved photography ever since she was a child. Growing up, her dad was always taking pictures of all the family when they would visit the beaches or explore mountains. On weekends he would show her how to develop the film and she remembers being mesmerized by the appearance of emerging pictures on white paper. When she is not behind the lens Ketino can be found cooking new dishes, experimenting with her hair, and out on walks with her golden lab Caesar. Be sure to check out her website here.

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