• Top 6 Beginner Photography Tips

    Should you be intrigued to learn more about photography whether it is for fun or academic/professional pursuit, these are the six fundamental facts that hold the key to the art mastery.

  • Legal Issues No Photographer Should Ignore

    Well, without hours of browsing through photography related regulations and policies, here is the list of the most general rule of thumb you may need to know as someone who is into this photo taking art.

  • Awaiting Baby Sawyer

    As I took these evening walks, I fell in love with the way the light looked coming through the garden and the tall grass and the view of the mountains along this simple path.

  • A Romantic Garden Engagement Session

    I had the pleasure of walking through the southern Glencairn Gardens with this beautiful couple, capturing their love for one another at every stop. Jessica and Eric are perfect together, and their friendship shows through their pictures.

  • South Africa Garden Photo Shoot

    Beautiful Lumè Hamilton’s portrait photography session with Darrell Fraser

  • Teacher To Photographer

    Three little boys who are surrounded by coaches, have no choice but to fall in love with the game. …and fall in love they did.

  • Boy Mechanic

    School break isn’t always about play, even in the rainbow state of Hawaii. Sometimes it’s about hard work, sweat, and raindrops.

  • Using Everyday Objects to Make Amazing Photos

    You don’t have to have super star photoshop skills to get amazing and interesting photos. Learn our favorite ways to bring some “WOW” to your shots using non traditional items from places like the hardware store or the dollar store.