Back to School Best Friend Photo Session

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This back to school best friend photo session was a little different from the norm as we had specific goals in mind. We wanted Modern Teen Style using Back to School Fashion.


The evening before the big shoot I got together with the girls and had what I called a “fashion show”. Each of the girls tried on and modeled their favorite outfits. I was able to help them mix and match to come up with their final choices. We chose one dressy outfit for one location and a more casual outfit for the other. After the fashion show we ran downtown and did a little shopping to top off these outfits with accessories and any missing pieces.

The girls were super excited to get the full salon treatment. We had a hair and a makeup artist come and pamper each of the girls to get them ready for the camera. This was a huge success because the girls looked fabulous! These 4 girls transformed into confident and excited little teen models right before my eyes! It’s amazing what a little attention and pampering can do to someone’s self-esteem.


I really tried to treat this like a real teen modeling session. I taught the girls how to do some flattering posing techniques and even had each take a turn at walking the catwalk, which they rocked by the way.

I was so happy to be a part of this fun memory for these 4 girls. I know this is something that they will remember and talk about for years to come.










Makeup: Monica Cazarin
Hair: Alexx Thornton


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