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This anniversary session with dogs was so fun to shoot! Read on for some tips and the story about how the session came to be.

Jen and Zach are one of those really cool and effortlessly put together couples. You know, the kind that you don’t even have to send a Pinterest page of outfit and posing ideas to.

When they first contacted me about doing an anniversary session, they asked if it would be okay to incorporate their 2 dogs, which I excitedly welcomed! In my opinion, there’s just something special about a session with animals. There’s a lightheartedness that comes out in spontaneous little in-between moments. I just love it! You never know when you’re going to get a kiss (or lick) on the cheek or an ear sniff, it just makes for genuine smiles.

When I’m not trying to get those little flickers of spontaneity, I’m aiming to capture the perfect portrait. Before the session, I usually ask my clients who are bringing their fur babies to pack some of their favorite toys and goodies. I’ll use their toy to get their attention and goodie to reward them for being good!

Sometimes if they’re just not responding, we’ll all just take a second to relax and then on the count of 3, they’ll pose. At the same time, I’ll make some sort of high pitched or irregular sound to catch their attention. Most of the time, clients have some sort of saying or noise that they use to grab their pups’ attention; for my own dogs it’s either “walkies”, “goodie”, or their names in a very Dory-from-Finding-Nemo- speaking-whale voice. I’ll keep trying until something works, but it usually doesn’t take too long.

Lucky for me, Jen and Zach required hardly any posing. Jen is actually a photographer herself, which helped the session flow! They were obviously very much in love with each other and their family, which made my job easy. Our session was organic and felt so natural! And can we just talk about how handsome their fur son, Dean, is?! Such sweet babies. I wholeheartedly love this session!






Equipment used (affiliate links): Canon 6D, Canon 50 1.4



Abbey Leigh Photography is described as a candid, natural, and organic portrait & wedding photographer currently based in Little Rock, Arkansas. Soon to be moving to Kaiserslautern, Germany! Abbey enjoys clients that are adventurous, light-hearted, crazy in love, and up for new things! When she isn’t shooting beautiful people, she enjoys snuggling with her husband and fur children, and trying out new crock pot recipes. Visit her website here!


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