Amsterdam Session For Two

In December 2016 I had a chance to photograph a Moscow couple during their travels in Amsterdam. This Amsterdam session for two was to help them commemorate their time in this beautiful city.

We decided to have the photo shoot in the historical center of Amsterdam, which is famous for its beautiful canals, bridges, and always gray sky. I truly love working as a photographer in this beautiful city.

First of all, I never have to worry about direct sunlight, because the sun almost never shows up in The Netherlands. When working there, I always take only the camera and my one and only 35mm lens with me.

Second, Amsterdam is made for engagement and love story photo shoots. Its atmosphere fits perfectly with the romantic mood of that type of shoot.

Thirdly, there are plenty of nice places like stairs, small bridges, and beautiful houses that can be used for the photo shoots. The background is always interesting.

While working with these lovebirds, I saw a very strong chemistry between them. Very often I need to tell to the couples I work with how to pose together. Sometimes, I even need to tell them how to kiss each other or hold hands! But, with these two, I didn’t have to direct very much. I was only looking for a nice location, setting up the camera and then they were doing the rest

The love they had for each other showed in everything they did – from the way they looked at each other to the way they held hands. It restored my faith in true love.

This session was such a joy for me to work on, from beginning to end. I caught myself smiling even while I was editing the pictures.



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Aleksandra Striapunina is a portrait, wedding, glamour and fashion photographer with 7 years of experience, based in Amsterdam.
She truly loves working with people and showing them how beautiful they are. Click here to see her work.

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