About Us


Image by Leslie Spurlock Photography.

Ever Illuminated is a cool, safe, and fun place to learn and be inspired.

Being a photographer is challenging work. So many hats to wear. How ironic that the hook that got us into this business – the actual photography – is not what we spend the most time doing.

Our articles will be about all sorts of topics related to running a photography business, from the technical picture-taking stuff to finding clients that are a perfect fit for your business. You’ll learn a ton from our blog posts, too! Breath-taking images from many different genres. Heck, we’ll even have pet photography. Gotta love that!

Dawn Attebery is the happy girl behind Ever Illuminated. A photographer, herself, at Studio You Portraits, she gets what it’s like to run a photography business and she has run a photography business for ten years.

That’s why she created Ever Illuminated – to celebrate, inspire, and educate. She lives around Dallas, Texas with her hubby, their 2 boys, and their 2 cats. And she thinks the perfect way to keep her sanity is to practice Bikram Yoga several times a week (which, on the surface, might sound a little crazy).

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