A Couple of Kids

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Photos by Kelly

Just a couple of kids… My daughter and some baby goats, that is.

Where we live, everyone knows everybody and their mama and if you don’t know someone, more than likely, they will know you. When driving around our city, all you will see are fields and barns, livestock and farm animals. In a nutshell, you can say we are country folk. I was raised as a country girl and my little Paisley Grey is being raised as a country girl- tough as a lighter knot and a complete animal lover.

We were visiting my sister the other week and there just happened to be some little baby goats that had been born a couple days before we got there. Once Paisley heard this, she HAD to get her hands on one.

Who doesn’t love a baby goat, or a baby anything right?!

She picked out the one she wanted to hold and locked eyes with him. The sweetest, calmest little thing you ever did see. That baby goat sat right in her lap the entire time and didn’t make a whimper.

You will see in these images that we started with two baby goats but one of them wasn’t fond of Miss Paisley so he hopped away really quickly. You can bet that I had to run and get my camera and document this sweet little bonding moment of these two kids. I think Paisley would have sat there all night and held that baby goat.

Moments like these don’t last forever and I think we all agree that those unplanned moments of portraiture are the absolute best!

I chose to keep these images in black and white because it keeps your eye on the raw emotion of the picture, focusing you in on how content these two were. Her hair a hot mess, but those little overalls and her cowgirl boots peeking out from under her pants is so her.

Equipment Used: canon mark iii and canon 70-200mm 2.8 (affiliate links)













Kelly is a small town girl with big city dreams that loves photographing children. She has been nationally featured and published in several magazines. She has been full time in photography for only a year. She loves spending time with family and has a soft spot for children and old people. See her website here.

One Response to “A Couple of Kids”

January 16, 2016 at 4:21 am, Heather said:

These are beautiful pictures of Paisley and they most certainly do capture that precious raw emotion…your narrative is just as beautiful!