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Part of My 365 Project

I am mainly a hobbyist photographer who uses dramatic and interesting light to capture the everyday lives and routines of my family. I gave in to some peer pressure from some of my dear photographer friends and this year I started my first 365 project.


Shooting an image a day of the same subjects in the same locations really pushed me to think outside of the box and become more creative with my images!


I love lifestyle imagery that gives the viewer a glimpse into the real moments that unfold around us.


I also teach an online photography workshop called Capturing Imagery With Purpose: Exploring Advanced Photography, so I shot images for my 365 project right along with the ladies during the four weeks that the workshop runs. I wanted to help other photographers create the images that they envision.


Photography does not have to be your full-time gig to create beautiful imagery and memories for you and your family. Creating this lasting art has been very therapeutic and rewarding for me and my family, too.



Equipment used (affiliate links): Nikon d750, 24-70mm f/2.8

IMG_0392-final-webKaren Osdieck is an award winning and published lifestyle and environmental portrait photographer and photography workshop instructor residing in the Chicagoland area with her college sweetheart husband and two little boys.  Karen finds inspiration from real emotions, connections and dramatic and interesting light to capture the little moments of childhood. See her website here.



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